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Blue Track students in K-12 participate in a 5 day a week site based program.
Santa Rosa Academy Educational Programs
Santa Rosa Academy offers students the opportunity for academic success. We challenge all students to achieve academic excellence while at the same time encouraging a lifelong love of learning. Of equal importance is the development of sound character training that provides each student the opportunity to change personal behavior for the better.
Students are expected to:
Strive for excellence. Achieve at a level consistent with his or her ability. Demonstrate personal integrity and develop a positive self concept. High standards in behavior and academics are the expectation for every student.
At the heart of program planning is the emphasis on the student; their academic ability, learning style and personal interest. A student may work through the program at a pace that is challenging yet aligned with their academic ability. The design offers flexibility and creativity within the educational program. With the approval of administration, students may be able to participate in site based classes coupled with Independent Study coursework. In partnership with the school, students and parents make a sincere commitment to fulfilling the student’s educational goals.
In cooperation with a School Counselor, high school students will assist in the design of his or her program, set personal and academic goals and track progress towards college and/or a career path. Included in the high school program are unequaled service learning opportunities that teach students the importance of helping others.
Additional enriching experiences include technology and science labs, workshops, clubs, Student Government, dances, park days, and field trips that offer academic and social enjoyment to the overall educational experience. Flag football, volleyball, basketball, golf and soccer teams are just the start of our promising athletic program.
Develop a “habit of mind for success” in your student!