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Superintendent's Message

Dear Santa Rosa Academy Students, Parents, and Staff,

I continue to be honored to serve as your Superintendent. Santa Rosa Academy has a renowned tradition of excellence that exists due to the wonderful people of our community and the hard work of our students, staff, parents, and the board of trustees. I cherish ongoing collaboration, building trust, and honoring our shared commitment to the Santa Rosa Academy community.

First and foremost, I am a husband and father. My wife Charity and I have two children, Anna and A.J., one in High School and one in Middle School.  My family is a long-standing supporter of public charter schools, including charter-based homeschooling, independent study, and academy-based programs. Both our children are attended public charter schools and have had excellent experiences. My wife and I both serve as leaders in public charter schools and have advocated on behalf of several public charter petitioners. We are a family committed to a high-quality and meaningful education. We deeply believe in parent choices in determining the best comprehensive education options for their children.

Santa Rosa Academy is known not only for its academic excellence and extracurricular programs but also for the positive and healthy relationships between staff and students. These attributes have been a guiding influence throughout my career. I have served students, staff, and families in traditional and charter public education through various roles, including Teacher, Athletic Coach, School Counselor, Programs Coordinator, Principal, Schools Director, Assistant Superintendent, and Superintendent. 

My ongoing commitment to you as your Superintendent is to maintain and foster continued academic excellence and well-developed character that provides every student with a sense of belonging and leadership at Santa Rosa Academy and the greater community. It is imperative to every student's ongoing success that they graduate from SRA with the habits of mind for success and the core competencies necessary to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams.

With Santa Rosa Academy pride,  SRA ECHS

Dr. Hennings Signature
Robert Hennings, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Santa Rosa Academy