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Middle School Red Track

Our Red Track middle school program is an Independent Study/Home Study program for grades 6-8. Your child’s teacher, Educational Advisor, will provide an Individual Learning Plan that will assist you and your teacher in determining your child’s educational path. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for parents to take workshops to assist in their homeschool journey.
Each Red Track middle school student and parent will have weekly meetings, which includes meeting with the Educational Advisor and opportunities for tutoring workshops to ensure your child’s academic success. These meetings help build the parent-student-teacher partnership, so that all students will be afforded the opportunity for success.
Red Track middle school students have the opportunity to take workshops in horticulture and public safety as well as weekly STEM classes. Our middle school Red Track staff also will provide Math tutoring bi-weekly as needed. All Red Track TK-8 families have opportunities for monthly field trips as well as family socials.
All 6th-8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in our middle athletic program. Which provides an additional opportunity for social interaction and Character building.