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College Dual Enrollment

Santa Rosa Academy offers dual enrollment to its qualified High School students through Mt. San Jacinto Community College.
What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual enrollment is a program that allows qualified High School students to earn college and High School credit while meeting graduation requirements. 

Dual Enrollment Objectives:
  • Creates access for high school students participating in post-secondary education opportunities Increases college credits awarded to high school students
  • Reduces college costs for students and families
  • Reduces the length of time it takes for students to obtain their academic goals.
Why take Dual Enrollment?
  • Begin college early
  • Save money
  • Easier transition to college
  • Complete courses quickly
  • Weighted grades
Who can participate?
  • 3.0 or better total GPA is an initial qualifier
  • Some classes do take a lower GPA
  • Grades 11th and 12th
  • Complete MSJC application and orientation
  • Complete all MSJC forms and meet all deadlines
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