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Currently Enrolled Priority Information

2022/2023 Lottery Information

Currently enrolled priority information:

Please know that according to our charter, if your student was part of the lottery, the lottery results will take precedence over a new add request. All new adds go to the bottom of the lottery results waitlist because no changes can be made once the lottery has been completed. Lotteries will be conducted every school year and you will be required to sign up for each lottery.

A track transfer is the action that occurs when a student transfers from one track to another. A student in Red Track for example can certainly request to transfer to Blue track by adding to the existing waiting list if they were not already in the lottery for that track, that is referenced once the lottery list is for that grade is exhausted. According to our Charter, on pages 42-43, the lottery is used to fill spots as they become available.
Open enrollment dates for the 2022/2023 school year for currently enrolled families will begin in November 2021 through February 2022.
The Lottery is for Blue and White Tracks only. A student may only be entered into ONE Lottery per year.
(A TK Red Track lottery will be held if we receive more than 20 inquiries.)
Current TK Students
Currently enrolled TK students and their siblings are not eligible for currently enrolled/Sibling priority in the annual lottery but may enter in the general lottery of choice unless your TK student is a sibling of an older SRA student. If your TK student is a sibling of an older SRA student you may enter your TK student as a sibling in the upcoming lottery.
You will be required to sign up for every lottery each school year. The lottery lists do not roll over.