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Board Agendas, Minutes & Recordings

To access current Board agendas, minutes, and audio recordings, please visit BoardDocs.

Board Meeting Public Comments

Santa Rosa Academy welcomes your participation at SRA Board meetings. The purpose of the meeting of the Board of Directors ("Board") is to conduct the affairs of SRA in public. Your participation ensures continuing community interest in SRA.


Speakers must appear in person to make public comments during the meeting. Anonymous comments are not allowed. Comments are to address Open/Closed Session items found on the agenda. Each comment will be limited to two (2) minutes. A total of twenty (20) minutes will be afforded for public comment. Unless an item has been placed on the published agenda in accordance with the Brown Act, there shall be no action taken, nor should there be comments on, responses to, or discussion of a topic not on the agenda. Board members may: (1) acknowledge receipt of information/report; (2) refer to staff with no direction as to action or priority; or (3) refer the matter to the next agenda.


Public comment cards are available to the public fifteen minutes before each meeting starts, once the card is filled out, please hand it to Mrs. Pasolini. After the Board moves to the next agenda item, no more public comment cards will be accepted. If you have any questions about public comments, please email Mrs. Pasolini at