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Arts & Technology Academy

  • 9th Grade - Graphic Design
  • 10th Grade - Photography
  • 11th Grade - Video Production
  • 12th Grade - Digital Media
Key Information:
  • The Arts & Technology Pathway is a collection of classes that incorporate project-based learning in a collaborative environment.
  • Students will learn about the elements of art and principles of design to compose well-thought-out works as they complete numerous projects throughout each school year.
  • Students will also become familiar with the vocabulary, history, equipment, methods, and processes used in each field.
  • Classes utilize industry-standard cameras, audio and lighting equipment, and Adobe software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro.
  • Each student will create an online portfolio to showcase their work.
  • Examples of projects include creating composite images, product advertisements, event posters, landscape and architecture photography, photo essays, portraits, and lighting, editing video footage, interviews, short films,
    commercials, digital media campaigns, and student reels.
  • All classes are A-G approved and teach college and career skills.