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Annual Lottery/Waitlist

*Please note the references in this video to a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program no longer apply. Per SRA Board Resolution 10182023-1, the 2023-24 school year is the last TK class offered at Santa Rosa Academy. TK is no longer an offered program commencing with the 2024-25 school year and will not be included to receive TK applications in the 2024 Lottery.
You are required to sign up for the annual lottery every year. (Currently, enrolled students are guaranteed to stay enrolled in the same track for the following school year and are not required to enter into the annual lottery for their current track).
The Annual Lottery is held on the first Friday in March of every year. Due to the large number of names on our lists, our Lottery is done electronically using a random list-generating application. All students entered into the lottery are assigned a Lottery ID number. The random public lottery determines an applicant’s placement on our waitlist. Those who request to enter the lottery after the open enrollment deadline is added to the bottom of the lottery waitlist in their appropriate priority. Offers for openings are made in lottery placement/waitlist order until the spots are filled or the waitlist is exhausted.
The Lottery is for Blue and White Tracks only. A student may only be entered into ONE Lottery per year. Duplicate lottery entries are not permitted. The most recent lottery entry submitted will replace any previous entry you made.
Please note: During a typical lottery year, we normally have the following openings.

Openings for Blue Track (full-time on-campus program):
Kindergarten: 52 - 5 days a week on campus
6th grade: 52
Openings for White Track (2 days on-campus program):
Kindergarten: 26 - 2 days a week on campus
6th grade: We will have openings if any currently enrolled White Track students are placed in Blue Track, then offers will be sent from the White Track lottery results.
Openings for Red Track (full-time homeschool program):
Kindergarten through 8th grade: typically several each grade - 5 days a week homeschool
9th - 11th grade:  typically a few each grade each grade - Hybrid - some in person classes may be taken on campus (contingent on availability) and homeschool classes 5 days a week.
Red Track does not participate in the lottery. Red Track registration begins in April.
The majority of placements will be from our staff, currently enrolled students, and siblings lists. The purpose of the lottery is to fill open spots and to determine our waitlist placement order for the upcoming school year.
Staff, Community School Board Members, Currently Enrolled, Heritage, Siblings, Menifee Union School District, and General Public.
*Currently enrolled have priority over Siblings and the General Public.
**Important note about Heritage Students: A Heritage Student is identified as a student who has continuously attended Santa Rosa Academy since PRIOR TO the opening of the new campus or the 2013-14 school year. These students would have attended school at the Main Campus at MSJC, Santa Rosa Academy West, or the shopping center on Baxter Road in Wildomar. Heritage and Siblings need to be verified by Administration and Registrar. Board member students have priority after staff when they have served four years.

Additional Lottery Information

Offers for Placement

Students may only be on one waitlist at a time.
*Waitlists are subject to change
Initial offers will be sent in March 2024 for the 2024/25 school year to the email address used for the annual lottery application. Please check your email for an offer. When an offer is made, we will request that applicants notify the school within 48 hours to indicate whether or not they will accept; if offers are declined or applicants do not respond, the spot is then offered to the next applicant on the waitlist. We will continue to use the 2024/25 waitlist to fill any openings that become available until March 2025.
If your information has changed since you signed up, you may update your contact information by emailing [email protected].