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2022-23 Waitlist

The majority of placements will be from currently enrolled students, staff, and siblings lists. The purpose of the lottery is to determine our waitlist placement order. The easiest way to find your child’s number is to click on their grade level tab and then use your browser's Find function to search for their number (Control F or Command F on your keyboard). After reviewing the waitlist, if you have a lottery question, please email [email protected]

To be added to the 2022-23 waitlist, if you were not in the 22/23 lottery, please click here to complete the form.
Openings for Blue Track (full-time on-campus program):
  • Kindergarten: 52 - AM or PM half day 5 days a week
  • 6th grade: 52
Openings for White Track (2 days on-campus program):
  • Kindergarten: 26 - 2 days a week AM only
  • 6th grade: We will have openings if any currently enrolled White Track students are placed in Blue Track, then offers will be sent from the White Track lottery results.
Openings for TK:
  • Transitional Kindergarten: 26 Red Track (Homeschool supplemented with 2 half days a week on-campus)
    Please note Santa Rosa Academy’s TK program is a Red Track homeschool program with 2 half days on campus with a teacher. All TK students do not have priority in the following years' kindergarten Blue or White Track lottery. All TK students will be guaranteed a spot on Red Track Kindergarten.
This online list is a copy of our official internal waitlist. If there are any errors please contact the enrollment department so an internal review can be made and this list can be updated.