Meet Prezley Tompkins, a 3rd-grade student and competitive dancer.

She wanted to twirl batons as a young child, but her parents couldn't find anyone that would teach her because she was so young. At age seven, she started twirling was a complete natural at the baton, picking up tricks that take months to years to master. One year from the date she started twirling, she marched in the Disneyland parade, which has been one of her dreams. Prezly was asked to join a high school baton twirling team to match with them in a parade, with over 300 kids from all across the United States walking in the Disneyland All-Star Spirit Extravaganza. "It truly was a magical day experience for all of us," said Prezley's mom, Geraldine Tompkins.

Prezley trains more than eleven hours a week on top of her daily practice,  gymnastics, and baton training. Most mornings, Prezley wakes up, stretches, gets ready for school, and practices an hour before school. We are sometimes in the gym before school, running her baton routine when we have comps coming up. After school, she goes straight to dance, does her homework between class and after dance practice. All while maintaining good grades, being active in her church and Girl Scouts, and giving back to the community.

According to Mrs. Tompkins, "Prezley is extremely outgoing, super funny, has tons of friends, and has the most caring personality. She loves helping people and always making sure everyone is ok. She seriously is the happiest child. She's extremely self-motivated, and we never have to ask her to practice. She is self-driven, and we, as parents, are just along for the ride in supporting her. If you have ever seen her perform at dance comps or baton, you would see she's truly in her element in front of a big crowd performing. She comes alive!"

Prezley has some big goals! One is to March in more parades around the country. She is trying to qualify for nationals 2023 in South Bend, Indiana. She wants to travel abroad, earn a college scholarship to twirl with a band. Even one day, possibly be on the United States twirling team.

Mrs. Tompkins said, "We absolutely loved homeschooling Prezley in the Red Track until she had the opportunity to move to White Track. We loved the idea of being on White Track because it still allowed her the freedom to do all of her activities. When Prezley was offered a blue track spot, we were scared that she wouldn't be able to handle the crazy dance schedule and school life. But we were absolutely blessed with all her Blue Track teachers. They are more than willing to accommodate her whenever she has a competition, giving her the work in advance to allow her not to get behind. They have cheered her on the sidelines and always are available to help her when things are hard. At SRA, we feel all the staff there truly supports all kids and their sports. We absolutely love the support we get. Traditional public schools would not support a child like this. SRA is genuinely an incredible school and allows her to follow her dreams and meet her educational needs. We are thrilled to be a part of the SRA family and cannot imagine being anywhere else!"