Meet Kaitlyn Smith, 3rd Grade White Track Student with a passion for animals.

 The program is designed to encourage volunteers of all ages to sharpen their reading skills while sharing them with the shelter animals. The program is offered each Wednesday, from 3 to 4 p.m.
According to Kaitlyn's mom, Amanda Opfer, "Kaitlyn is a bubbly child that loves animals and video games! When she grows up, she wants to work for Costco and go to school to work and take care of animals as an animal doctor or nurse." Mrs. Opfer added, "Kaitlyn has struggled with reading, and my cousin suggested taking our kids to encourage them to read while also giving animals some comfort and attention. She loves it because it's good practice, and the animals don't judge how you read."
"This is Kaitlyn's first year at SRA, and she loves SRA! She loves all the students and staff. They are all super friendly. She's having fun learning and making friends. She has struggled in the past, but she has really started to mature at SRA. She loves math and has always considered it the subject that she rocks at. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Villalobos, because she has really helped her make progress in her education." Mrs. Opfer concluded.