School Closed for Veterans Day

Students will be back in class on Friday, November 12th.
Veterans Day is special for us in our community to share in our respect and reverence for all those who have answered a higher calling, to protect and to serve in our communities and abroad. Whether a first responder to rescue and protect or those who defended freedom around the globe, we honor you and your selfless sacrifice.
Santa Rosa Academy is honored to foster reverence for patriotism and celebrate the principles of a democratic republic within our educational program. It is naturally entwined with our foundational character education traits of Excellence, Integrity, and Respect.
Americans across our nation profess to love and support our Veterans during the times surrounding Veterans Day and Memorial Day. And while their sentiments are sincere, it is important to remember that we enjoy the cover of freedom that our Veterans have provided year-round. The sacrifices and heroism that have been demonstrated are sometimes well-publicized but have more typically occurred through silent service.
For many Veterans, our nation, our ideals, and our values were important enough to endure long separations from their families, miss the births of their children, endure battle wounds, and, unfortunately, lose comrades.
You cannot fight off evil in this world without Veterans and while the idealized vision of a society without war is ever so appealing, let us not forget that the evil that has been vanquished on the battlefronts of history have liberated slaves, stopped genocides, and ended the horrors of evil regimes.
Historians have said that Ike Eisenhower revered his service as a soldier more than he did in being the President. Fewer than 10 percent of Americans can claim the title "Veteran." Far less than 1 percent of our population is currently defending our Freedoms today.
As a community and as a school, it is our honor to celebrate their service and sacrifice. God bless you all in your support of Veterans, God bless our Veterans, and God bless America.
Dr. Hennings
Executive Director