Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS Announced

Coral Noonan, a 7th grader on Red Track, was one of the only three students from Riverside County placed in the top 300 MASTERS selected from 1,841 students from 48 states, Washington, DC, and three US territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands) applying to be a Broadcom MASTER. 

This is Coral's first science fair competition, and for her project, she looked at the differences in radish root length for organic and non-organic seeds. She was curious to see if there were any differences among the different types of seeds and found differences in the root length of the radish, which made her curious about a lot of other things regarding the differences between types of radish plants. Coral has been at Santa Rosa Academy (SRA) since 2nd grade and feels encouraged and academically challenged to excel at what she loves. Coral said, “My science teacher, Mrs. Wood, and my parents were my mentors throughout the course of my project and offered advice, inspiration, and support. I do science because I love it, and I am honored to be a part of the Broadcom MASTERS group.”
Congratulations, Coral!