First Day of School!

Students: You made it through one of the most challenging times in the history of the world! And because of that, you are stronger in your resolve and ready to tackle an ever-changing and challenging world. Our goal is for you to graduate High School as a well-rounded person, with the character traits of Excellence, Integrity, and Respect engraved into your character for the rest of your lives. We are here for you every step of the way!

Parents: Thank you for partnering with our teachers last year to keep your children on the learning path despite the surrounding circumstances. We hope you are feeling these early moments of hope, filled with inspiration, in having your children back to a more normal school routine. I can assure you that your children will not only be taught and mentored at SRA but also be loved by everyone on campus.

Teachers: You’ve probably heard over and over that you make a difference in the lives of our students; well, it’s true! We are deeply grateful for your hard work and dedication to keep our Rangers learning last year, and we enthusiastically journey with you, into this bright, hope-filled, new school year and in seeing you as the "Mr. Jensen" you all are for our students! Remember, a single moment in time can positively change someone’s life forever!

Staff: As I’ve mentioned during the last staff development meeting, SRA would not be able to open its doors without you! You take care of our facilities so our Rangers can enjoy every little corner of this beautiful campus. You take care of security and sanitation, so our Rangers are safe in every sense. You address parents and students with questions and concerns. You run the health office efficiently and professionally to tend to all our Rangers’ needs. You run a meal program to ensure our Ranges are healthy and have the energy they need to learn. You pay the school bills and employees and take care of hiring the best of the best for our Rangers. You take care to ensure every student has the resources they need to thrive and overcome any obstacles in their way. You ensure the curriculum is appropriate to SRA standards, and the students have access to books and technology they need in the classroom and at home. You bring our community together!

Today, we asked Jaelyn Nicholls, a junior, to rate her day from 1 to 10. Enthusiastically she responded 10! Students, in general, responded with a resounding GREAT to the question, how are you doing today? I hope this first day of school, which was much expected and anticipated, can help us reflect on those things we used to take for granted, even just a few years ago. Let’s savor what we have now regained and continue to come together as a big SRA family to continue to reclaim more normalcy and to enthusiastically celebrate our students, the leaders of tomorrow.

With Santa Rosa Academy Pride,

Robert Hennings, Ed.D.
Executive Director