Meet Coach Zervic

Coach Michael Zervic has been the proud leader of the Rangers Golf program since 2020. Coach Zervic has been playing golf competitively since 2006 and has coached middle school and high school sports (both boys and girls) since 2016. If he weren't coaching the greatest sport of all time, he would be involved with the basketball team as he grew up in the Hoosier state and Indiana University graduate.
Coach Zervic as a child golfer
Coach Zervic at age 4
Coach Zervic's vision for Santa Rosa Academy is to bring the love of golf to as many players as possible - regardless of age, gender, or talent level. A specific goal for the near future is to curate our first SRA Varsity Girls' golf team. Currently, HS boys and girls are permitted to compete co-ed in our league so let's all get swinging!
Quick fact: Coach Zervic scored a hole in one on 7/23/07, 162 yards with a 7-iron. He is still pursuing another.