Cadet Liana Velasco Earns Red Beret

The Survival training in the CACC is foundational to leadership development and one of the toughest courses a cadet can participate in during the summer. It teaches self-reliance, critical thinking, self-confidence, resilience, character development, grit, smart risk-taking, the value of preparation, and techniques to deal with stress and failure. It also increases the odds of survival in adverse situations, develops an appreciation and respect for the outdoors, and creates strong bonds between the participants.

Some of the course requirements to earn the red Beret:

Survival Training Unit (STU)

  • This is a mentally and physically challenging course requiring cadets to maintain a high level of motivation and perseverance during the Survival Field Training Exercise.
  • Cadets learn survival skills while operating in a scenario-based exercise.
  • Participants strive to achieve passing benchmarks as evaluated by course cadre
  • Cadets must complete the components below to qualify for the red beret with basic flash:
    • Pass a graded, rigorous physical fitness evaluation before the start of the FTX
    • Complete the graded 120+ hour Field Exercise
    • Cadets not meeting benchmark standards or failing to memorize/recite the Survival Creed during the course will not receive the red beret.