MacBook Air Logins

SRA is using a new set of tools to use Google logins for Mac laptops. This works great for new students and new MacBook deployments, but it might cause a slight panic for returning students that try to “Sign in with Google” on their existing device. It might appear as though all your data is lost!

Don’t worry, we have not wiped student computers or removed old user accounts. Students can still sign in to their previous computer account if you click on the “Sign in with Local User” link in the top right corner (see picture below).
For the username, try one of the following combinations:
  • first name + last name (no spaces, all lower case) e.g. janedoe
  • first name + “.” + last name (no spaces, all lower case) e.g. jane.doe
  • first initial + last name (no spaces, all lower case) e.g. jdoe
  • student ID number, e.g. 123456

Then use the previous computer password. If you still have problems, contact

Software Installations

Our student Macs are managed by the SRA Tech Department. Software required for your student will be automatically deployed to his/her device. If you experience problems, please inform your student’s teacher of email