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Ornamental Horticulture Academy

Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture Year 1
(Articulated with MSJC)
(Pathway 105/4057) CDE Course Code 7160-Grade Level 9-12
This course will cover all areas of Ornamental Horticulture such as the economic importance of the horticulture industry in the United States, introduction to plant science, landscape/irrigation design, construction and maintenance, designing and building your own pond and waterfall, growing plants in a nursery and greenhouse environment, and job opportunities in horticulture. This course will include outdoor labs working in our greenhouse, vegetable gardens, citrus orchards, and landscaped grounds. This is a great introductory course for those who enjoy gardening, growing plants, and landscaping.
Intermediate Ornamental Horticulture (Concentrator Level) Fundamentals of Sustainable Landscaping Year ll
(Pathway 105/4058) CDE Course Code 7161-Grade Level 10-12
This course will cover all the principles of landscaping such as landscape design “CAD”, irrigation design, landscape and irrigation construction, landscape maintenance, operating landscape equipment, waterfall, pond, and water garden construction, plant identification, and turf management. This course will include outdoor labs working in an actual landscape setting. This course is designed for students who have an interest in pursuing a career in landscape design, construction, and maintenance.
Intermediate Ornamental Horticulture (Concentrator Level)
Professional Turf Grass Science & Management Year 111
(Pathway 105/4058) CDE Course Code 7161-Grade Level 10-12
This course will cover an overview of Professional Turf Grass Management. Principles to be covered will be Turf Grass Plant Science, Soil Science, Soil Testing, Soil Chemistry, Establishment of Turf Grass, Fertilization, Integrated Pest Management, and Weed Management. This course will also focus on the Introduction to Golf Course Management, Professional Sports Turf Management, as well as Turf Grass Business Management. This is a great course for those students who may want to choose Professional Turf Grass Management as a career or just want to gain more knowledge about the Turf Grass Industry.
Advanced Ornamental Horticulture Career Development
(Capstone Level)-Year lV
(Pathway 105/4059) CDE Course Code 7162-Grade Level 12
This course will cover advanced Landscape Design-Construction-Maintenance, Plant and Turf Grass propagation, Greenhouse and Nursery Management. This course will prepare senior students for careers and job opportunities in horticulture. Students will work on student-initiated year-long projects such as landscaping your parents' yard, operating your own landscape maintenance service, building a waterfall and pond, or an internship working for a wholesale nursery, retail garden center, or a landscape company. Your horticulture instructor will be your advisor and assist in this school year-long project.