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Mrs. Wood

Education, Certifications & Credentials:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics
  • Master's Degree in Educational Technology
  • Multiple Subject Credential
  • Single Subject Math Credential
  • Administrative Credential

Alma Mater:
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

I started teaching in 2002 in Ontario-Montclair School District. I worked as an Elementary and Middle School teacher, GATE Coordinator, mentor teacher, STEM Coordinator, District Technology Trainer, and District Science Coordinator. I worked with the state and local counties to create and deliver NGSS (Science standards) training to teachers. After many years of commuting, I left my district to teach science online before coming to SRA in 2018. I have worked on Middle School Red and White Track teaching Math and Science. I was a Teacher on Special Assignment for Curriculum and Assessment and am currently the Coordinator of Education Services. I am so happy to be part of the SRA community!

Favorite Subject in School:

Travel, music, outdoor adventures, martial arts

SRA Ranger Since: