On behalf of our Santa Rosa Academy Ranger Staff, I would like to officially welcome you to the start of the 2018/19 school year!  Although we started two school days later than anticipated, we got off to a great start and were energized to see all of our amazing students and parents attend our first day back at Santa Rosa Academy. 

Please NOTE our Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures that are currently in place.

Drop Off:

Elementary parents, please come between 7:55 and 8:10 AM to drop off unless you have middle or high school siblings that must come earlier.  This will give our middle school parents some room to drop off.  Elementary students who arrive early will go directly to the plaza to sit.  Our staff will walk them to the playground at the back ofthe school at 7:45 am where they will remain until the teachers pick them up and walk them to class that starts at 8:10 am. New for Kindergarten PM and TK, after school students will be picked up at the front of the school at the end of the pick up line.

Middle School parents, please come between 7:30 and 7:45 AM to drop off unless you have high school siblings that must come earlier. This will give our high school parents room to drop off.

High School parents, please come NO EARLIER THAN 7:10 AM. The school gates will open at 7:15 AM.  As an alternative, high school students can be dropped off at the back of the school, entering through the Sherman Road gate until 7:30 am when we become a closed campus.

FAMILIES WITH SIBLINGS: You have the opportunity to bring all of your children to school at the drop off time of your oldest student and we will monitor your younger children in the Plaza until their start time. 

Pick Up: 

Elementary: front of the school.

Teachers will have their students out by the curb by 2:10 pm. Parents, please pick up students by 2:30 pm.  Students who are not picked up by 2:30 will be escorted to the office until the parent arrives to sign them out.

Middle School pick-up remains at the back of the school on the east side of the gym.

All middle school students will walk to the back of the school for pick up. The drive gate off of Sherman Road is opened at 2:15 pm.  

*Families that have both elementary and middle school students will need to pick their students up at the back of the school.  Elementary students will wait in the plaza until their middle school sibling is out of school and picks them up to walk to middle school pick up at the back of the school.

High School pick up will remain at the front of the school.  Students can pick up younger siblings from the plaza prior to exiting the front gate.

Please remember: the Plaza is for students who have older siblings in middle and/or high school. No other students are allowed as this is not a daycare service.  We provide this option for free to families with multiple pick up times.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

SIBLING PICK UP: Please pick up your student at the pick up time of your oldest student.  Have your oldest student come by the Plaza to pick up the siblings and then walk to their pick up area.  

Safety: I also want to remind all parents and students to follow all traffic and safety laws, especially during drop off and pick up times.  Let’s all work together to model appropriate behavior for our students, which in turn will help reinforce the following character traits: generosity, obedience, orderliness, patience, responsibility, security, and self-control.

Closed Campus:

We have seen an improvement in the amount of traffic going in and out of our campus which has helped minimize interruptions from our student’s classroom time.  This is a reminder that no lunches or school work (including laptops), are to be dropped off to students once their school day begins. 

Parents and students are not allowed to pass items between the fence to circumvent our rules.  

This has allowed our students to increase their independence, responsibility, and problem-solving skills.  We have meal replacement bars for any students who forget to bring their lunch.  These are available at our Ranger Station near the plaza and are provided by our school’s Booster Club.

We are also urging students who forget their homework/classwork to have a discussion with their teachers to problem solve the situation.  Loaner laptops may also be available to students who have forgotten theirs at home.  Thank you for working together with us to build a safer campus as well as teach our students vital skills of independence, responsibility, and problem-solving.  

I look forward to continuing our momentum which will result in a very successful school year as our team supports the academic, social, and emotional growth of all our children!

Thank You,

Nick Stearns