Introduction to Public Safety

This course will cover much of the entry level to Law Enforcement, Corrections and Private Security. It will also cover the history and development of Criminal Law. We will also go over the procedures of court room roles. The students will have a basic understanding of how to get an entry level job in the Law Enforcement Field.

Law Enforcement 1

This course will cover more of the history of law enforcement. We will review the importance of Code of Ethic’s for police. We will also have classes in the United States Legal System, Community Oriented Policing and Crime and Punishment. At the end of the course, the students will have a basic understanding of Our Legal System.

Law Enforcement 2

This course we will be being covering History of Corrections Services, Court Systems & Practices, and Security Services. This course will help student that have interested in the career in all three fields. Some of the subjects being covered will be Professionalism, Verbal Communications, Constitutional Law and other Law Enforcement courses.

Law Enforcement 2/ Capstone

This course will prepare senior students for careers and job opportunities in Law Enforcement. We will be covering Interpersonal Communication, Courtroom Roles and Responsibilities, Conflict Resolution, and Crisis Management. During the senior’s last year in Public Safety they will be working more hand scenarios such as making an arrest and presenting in a mock court room.