All Red/White Track students grades 6th-12th will get issued a Chromebook starting with the upper grades and working down to 6th grade. Please see your EA for more information.
A Chromebook is a laptop running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and data residing “in the cloud“.
Students must first meet with their EA to go over all the user agreements. Once the student has reviewed the agreements with their EA they and their parents will sign the papers and then a Chromebook will be assigned to them.
Chromebooks are provided free of charge to Red/White Track students. Cost will apply if the Chromebook gets damaged or replaced. Prices for repairs vary on the incident.


At the end of the 2013/2014 school year Santa Rosa Academy introduced a Chromebook Pilot program with some Red/White Track middle school students. The students checked out the ChromeBooks from the Technology Center and were able to take the Chromebooks home to enhance their homeschooling experience at no cost to the students family.


Starting with theĀ 2014/2015 school year our goal is to provide free of charge Chromebooks for all 6th-12th grade Red/White Track students to receive more engaging and more personalized instruction to enhance their learning.


Chromebook Agreement Details
(Reminder: All students agreed to the following rules prior to receiving their Chromebookchromebook

1. As an educational tool students will use Chromebooks only for school-related purposes.

2. Students will bring their Chromebooks with them to school for applicable classes and/or EA meetings.

3. Students will keep their Chromebooks in a secure and safe location when not in use.

4. Students will keep their Chromebooks clean with no attached stickers or other items that might deface or damage the finish, screen, or other components.

5. No attempt will be made to install additional software, apps or extensions on the Chromebook without prior school permission.

6. Students will only use their SRA-issued Google Apps for EDU account when operating the Chrombook.

7. Students will not disassemble or attempt to disassemble any part of their Chromebook. Students will not attempt to physically repair their Chromebook or to upgrade/install any additional internal hardware.

8. Students will immediately report all malfunctions, damage, or loss of a Chromebook to the SRA Technology Department.

7. Students will not download or store inappropriate content (including explicit images, music or videos) on the Chromebooks.